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Solana Gold Organics - Kosher & Pareve Certified

All Solana Gold Organics products are certified Kosher and Pareve!

All Solana Gold Organics Products are certified Kosher.

All Solana Gold Organics products bear the stamp of the Kosher Supervision of America organization. KSA is a non-profit Kosher certification agency. With the support and cooperation of hundreds of rabbinical associations, synagogues, and rabbis, representing tens of thousands of Kosher consumers, KSA provides kosher certification for hotel chains, supermarket chains, food manufacturers, food packers, distributors, restaurants, caterers, independent grocers and bakeries. The KSA symbol can be found around the world.

KSA certification assures that products are made under strict rabbinical supervision and are certified Kosher and Pareve. "Kosher", the Hebrew word for "proper", encompasses 3000-year-old religious laws concerning food consumption, and Kosher certification requires strict adherence to a series of guidelines governing the usage, production, packaging, and labeling of food products. The term Kosher is mostly used to describe foods that are permitted to be eaten by people who observe Jewish dietary law, but over 12 million American consumers regularly choose Kosher food products for reasons related to health, food safety, taste, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance, and other dietary restrictions.

Because concerns about the integrity of our food supply are increasing, we have elected to have our products kosher certified to let consumers know they are of the highest quality.

Buy with confidence! Solana Gold Organics Apple Juices, Apple Sauces, and Apple Cider Vinegars are certified Kosher and Pareve.